What makes a good ebook site?

What makes a good ebook site?


To answer it simply: Content and Niche.

The key to successfully and profit fueling ebook sales is about finding an unsaturated yet desired niche, then simply having the best content. People aren’t stupid, you can’t expect to throw together a book and make any serious money. Content is king, especially considering the growth of the e-book industry. There are way more people in the game than there once was. To be successful, you have to differentiate. Let’s say you get a great niche and have the best book content: now what? Well, having an A+ pitch and sales page is all that’s left. You need to present and market the book as the best.

One of the biggest sales drivers comes down to 1 word: Proof. You have to PROVE to your potential customers that your e-book works and that the content is fantastic. Testimonials is one great way to do that. Many of our ebook site templates here on our site come loaded with testimonial templates to show customer’s claims that the content is good. This is great at driving sales.

Another big factor in a good ebook site is design. You want to have a design that emphasizes the important notes. Is your e-book about making money? Highlight the potential profits, and bold the $ dollar amounts. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to dollar signs… draw people in with this to drive conversions.

Remember the key points to a good ebook site:

  • Good Niche
  • Best Content
  • Testimonials
  • Design that emphasizes key points and benefits

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