5 Most Profitable Ebook Niches

What are the most profitable ebook niches?


This is a question so many ask. The answer is quite simple: Self Help.

Now, what is self help? I don’t mean the stereotypical book store self helps section topics, I mean topics that directly improve a person’s life. This includes medical relief ebooks, financial improvement ebooks, make money ebooks, and general well being ebooks. Nobody wants to live in pain, nobody wants to be a social outcast. If you have an ebook that helps pain, or disease, or a person’s mental wellness… you have a fantastic niche. Making money is always a big niche because greed is king. Things like Forex, stock trading, affiliate marketing, etc are all MASSIVE niches with huge markets. Everyone is always looking for the next big thing and having options for people to reach their goals sells e-books.

The other growing niche is entertainment. In the old days of web e-books, this wasn’t as big. With the growth of gaming and MMORPGs people are always looking for ways to up their game, more so in MMORPGs because of the need for things like gold and other currencies. Making World of Warcraft gold became almost as big of a niche as making real life money during WoW’s hayday.

To sum up, the 5 most profitable e-books are:

  1. Making Money Online
  2. Forex / Stock Trading / Currencies / General Financial
  3. Medical Pain/Disease Treatments
  4. Mental Health
  5. Gaming and Entertainment


All 5 of these niches are extremely profitable. It’s just up to you to come up with the top content and present it in a great way. We have some great ebook site templates for sale that present these niches in a classic e-book type of way. Remember: Content is king, but presentation is the thrown. You need to write a great e-book first and foremost regardless of niche, but having the content propped up and presented well requires a great ebook website.