Ebook Site Templates was founded to fulfill the need for industry standard “e-book style” single page, heavy vertical scrolling website templates in pure HTML, without the need for any servers or databases. Our templates are heavily geared towards affiliate e-book selling through venues like ClickBank, but can also work for a direct sale site.

While there are many big template selling websites out there, none of them provide this style of template and specific purpose. While many criticize this old-school web design style of big fonts, in your face graphics, and heavy testimonials… they are proven to convert. There’s a reason why the top selling e-books are hosted using templates like ours… they sell.

By purchasing through our site, we guarantee 3 main things

  1. Quality | We know you will love the style and layout of our templates. They are modeled after the hottest selling e-books in history. Millions of dollars have been made through high-conversion templates like ours.
  2. Ease of Customization | Our templates come with header and paragraphs of filler text “Lorem Ipsum, etc.” and images. Simply replace this text with whatever you want, and swap out placeholder images with your own. Like some of our images and art? No problem! Leave it in if you’d like!
  3. Secure Purchases | Our site is 100% secured using 256-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).



  • What comes with each template?
    • Upon order completion, you will instantly be able to download a .zip file from your account panel. Inside this .zip will contain 1 HTML file containing your website, then some folders containing the various images.
  • How do I customize my template?
    • Simply replace the images with your own. Rename your images to the same name as the placeholder images, then drag and drop the images into the image folder. When it asks you to replace, hit yes. Your images will now appear in the web page upon refreshing.
  • How do I install the templates on my server?
    • All you need to do is upload the HTML file and its helper image folders to any web server or host. If you use FTP, simply upload them then navigate to the name of the HTML file. It’s that easy! No server side component or database required.
  • The style of the templates seems…. old and not modern. Why?
    • Our e-book site styles might look strange to someone new to the niche, but this old-school style is a proven success. The reason is… they work! There’s something about this style that draws people in. While it may seem a little sleazy or gimmicky at first, just remember that there’s a reason the top selling e-books use┬áthis style… people buy it! If you will want something modern, some of our templates (for example, the Generic one) uses a modern and clean web 2.0 style.
  • Why can’t I see a direct demo of the templates?
    • Unfortunately, since our templates are pure HTML and images… providing direct links to them would allow people to easily steal them. HTML source code can be taken right from the browser, so we have to only show screenshots. This is just a side-effect of easy drag-and-drop installation that comes with pure HTML templates.
  • I downloaded a template and I hate it. Can I get a refund?
    • Absolutely. We are so confident in our templates that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just send us a message about why you dislike it and we will give you a full refund.
  • Will this work with ClickBank affiliates?
    • Absolutely. We actually designed our templates with affiliate programs like ClickBank in mind. All you have to do is replace the “href” link within the Buy Now buttons to direct to your affiliate link with referal code. When someone clicks the buy now, it forwards and you get your commission!