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5 Most Profitable Ebook Niches

What are the most profitable ebook niches?   This is a question so many ask. The answer is quite simple: Self Help. Now, what is self help? I don’t mean the stereotypical book store self helps section topics, I mean topics that directly improve a person’s life. This includes medical relief ebooks, financial improvement ebooks, […]

What makes a good ebook site?

What makes a good ebook site?   To answer it simply: Content and Niche. The key to successfully and profit fueling ebook sales is about finding an unsaturated yet desired niche, then simply having the best content. People aren’t stupid, you can’t expect to throw together a book and make any serious money. Content is […]

EBook Site Templates Now Open!

We’re proud to announce the official launch of our new store, Ebook Site Templates! We are launching with 4 great products that are now available for purchase. Our goal is to provide a plug and play solution to e-book authors who want to sell their product on a custom site without messing with any coding […]