Generic EBook Site Template


Generic Ebook Site Template


Generic EBook Site Template

This is the all-in-one package you need to sell your affiliate e-book. No matter the niche, this PREMIUM PURE HTML template will drive huge conversions. No database needed, no PHP needed, no code experience needed. All you do is drop the HTML files onto your host and it JUST WORKS

There’s a reason why the successful e-book sites use this site layout. The single vertical page is proven to work, especially with the money making niche. The template includes the following key features proven to increase sales.

  1. BIG, highlighted text headers
  2. Bullet pointed features
  3. Deep info about the author, with photo
  4. Testimonials to develop credibility.
  5. Custom graphics
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Designed to be plug-n-play for ClickBank

Buy now for an INSTANT download. Your download will include the HTML files needed to bring your e-book selling website to life. No coding required, just open the HTML files and replace the text and images with whatever you want.

Unlimited License! Use On As Many Sites As You Want!

Why waste time on site design when you can be marketing? This all-in-one solution Generic EBook Site Template is the only web design cost you will ever need to sell your ebook.

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  1. Zenhu1

    Bought this for my yoga ebook, its pretty

  2. Sanf75

    works well

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